Recognition For Superior Safety Practices

December 16, 2021

Century Contractors is pleased to announce yet another great year for recognition of our world-class safety practices. Job site safety is a top priority and we are proud to see some of the most respected names in safety take notice of our achievements.

Corporate Safety Manager Lisa Ingram outlined the core of Century’s safety philosophy, “Our vision is for every person, on every project, to go home as good or better than they were when they started work that day. This requires top-to-bottom collaboration from leadership to the tradespeople performing on site.”

Following last year’s Diamond distinction, in 2021 Century attained the Platinum level in the Associated Builders and Contractor’s STEP Safety Management System. For more than thirty years, STEP has helped construction industry participants to dramatically improve safety performance through the implementation or enhancement of key safety programs. According to ABC’s annual performance report, program participants can reduce job site incidents by up to 84%.

In 2021, we once again qualified for the National Safety Council (NSC) Occupational Excellence Achievement Award. The award is given to organizations who report zero workplace fatalities plus injury and illness records better than or equal to 50% of the Bureau of Labor Statistics for their NAICS code. The NSC is the leading nonprofit safety advocate in the United States, helping companies create and build a safety culture that leads to safer employees.

At Century, we are fully committed to making safety our highest concern. Nothing matters more than the health and wellbeing of our employees and the clients we serve. We will continue to raise the bar every year to set and achieve even loftier safety performance goals.