Quality Assurances and Quality Control

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs assure the integrity of each of our projects. Through ongoing training and strict adherence to quality control guidelines, we ensure every client’s project reflects the highest quality and meets all applicable codes and specifications. Qualified Codes include ASME-PP, ASME-S, ASME-U, ASME-A and NBIC-R.

QA/QC Manual

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manual addresses all facets of construction, from civil work to clean room compliances, and contains a wide array of reports and procedures to cover any situation. The manual is a living document that is continually updated to reflect the most current industry standards.

QA/QC Teams

Our QA/QC representatives work closely with project management, superintendents, foremen, craftsmen and suppliers to assure all work is installed and documented properly. Every project is completed with turnover packages that often include test reports, weld maps, craftsman certifications and as-built drawings.