Century Contractors was awarded the prestigious Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) National Eagle Award and the Carolinas Associated Builders and Contractor’s (CABCC) Eagle Award for our Nephron Pharmaceuticals’ project. Century Contractors served as the mechanical, plumbing, high purity process and plumbing contractor for Nephron Pharmaceuticals’ $313,000,000 Manufacturing Facility in West Columbia, SC. Our $26,300,000 scope of work for the 473,000 square feet facility included the Central Utility Plant, Manufacturing, Packaging and Reception buildings. The systems included producing 3,700 tons of chilled water, 27,600 pounds per hour of high and low pressure steam, building automatic temperature control/building automation systems, distributing chilled water, heating hot water, steam, condensate, medium and low pressure duct, exhaust (general, vacuum, fume hood) duct, make-up air duct, high purity process piping, clean air process equipment and piping, process waste, sanitary waste, storm and domestic water. Century Contractors also provided installation of Nephron Pharmaceuticals equipment including process equipment, vessels, pumps, drives, bulk storage tanks and process waste tanks.

The National and Regional Excellence in Construction awards are designed to publicly recognize the quality, safety and innovation of merit shop construction and to promote ABC and ABCC’s belief that a construction project where the choice of contractor and subcontractor is based on price, ability and performance – without regard to labor affiliation – produces the highest quality and most cost-effective project. The award honors all members of the team responsible for the award-winning project, from contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, to owners and architects. By focusing on these criteria, ABC and ABCC calls attention to the “best of the best” and continues to raise standards throughout the construction industry. Projects are judged on complexity, attractiveness, unique challenges […]